Grace Bible Church, Allen Texas

We are no longer meeting together as a church body (details below). 

In/near Allen, TX, we recommend visiting Zoe Community Church.

Looking for a church home?  Please see this page:  How to find a good church.


We’d like to encourage you to have a Bible reading planPlease go to our Bible Reading Plan page for some helpful pointers and sample plans you can use.  Be a person of The Book, for the glory of God, for your own good, and for the good of others.

Have you seen 180 movie yet?  If not, see our 180 page!

Status update:

GBC was formed in 2011, for the purpose of glorifying God through teaching the timeless truths of God’s Word for 21st century living.

We worked and met together for 2 years with a small but faithful group, but after failing to reach a sustainable size, we decided it was time to “close the doors” and move on and see what the Lord has for each of us next.

There is much in which we were successful, thanks be to Christ.  The unchanging biblical gospel of repentance and faith alone in Christ alone was proclaimed.  Gospel conversations were held.  Biblical counseling was done, including to folks who didn’t even attend GBC.  And lots and lots of gospel tracts were distributed.  May Jesus be honored in all of it!

In God’s own sovereign plan, it was not to be that we would grow and continue as a church, but we’re thankful for the 2 years that we had.

Having a solid church home is essential for the Christian.  Please see this Find a Good Church link.