Though the About/Beliefs page details our doctrinal stances, how those beliefs get put into practice is also very important.
Here are a few things that are just a bit different at GBC:
    • We are committed to both church and family.  At GBC Allen you will be encouraged to remain together as a family during the worship service.  We believe that church should be a major part of our children’s lives; therefore we bring them into the worship service instead of sending them to a class or a so-called “children’s church”.  We also desire to encourage and equip parents to teach their children the Bible through instruction at home.
    • The worship service is designed to help us be true worshippers of the one true God.  We’re not interested in entertainment, or manipulating emotions, or catering to the world’s expectations.  You’ll find that we focus on the basics:  Scripture reading, prayer, God-centered singing, and the exposition of Holy Scripture.
    • We don’t employ modern-day church growth strategies.  It isn’t our goal to be the biggest church.  We’ll minister to as many as the Lord brings, whether few or many, and our focus will be on shepherding them as thoroughly as we are able.
    • Though we want to be sensitive to people truly seeking God, we are not “seeker-sensitive”, meaning the service is not designed for unbelievers (2-minute audio commentary from John MacArthur).  When they show up, we’re thankful for the opportunity to show them the love of Christ and share with them the gospel message, but we’re not there to “meet their felt needs”.
    • Our teaching time isn’t limited to the public teaching of Scripture (such as a sermon or Bible study lesson).  Like the apostle Paul (and no doubt the other apostles), our goal is to teach both publically and from house to house (Acts 20:20).  This means that to shepherd well, we want to meet with you privately on occasion – not to put you on the spot – but to get to know you better, so we can help guide you and know how to pray for you, as so that you can get to know the pastor(s) and ask them anything that is on your mind.
Other distinctives:
We’re committed to the 9 Marks of a healthy church;  please see our 9 Marks page for details.
Listed below are some resources that should be helpful to you.  Rather than try to reproduce these ourselves, we’ll point you to these excellent resources, which are external links.
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