It is sad that in our day some people are more committed to their favorite professional sports team, or their kid’s soccer team, or their favorite social networking website, than they are to the local church.  It ought not to be that way!

Each Christian is a member of the universal church, the worldwide body of Christians of all the ages.  The New Testament is quite clear that each Christian should also be a member of the local church.

Please listen to John MacArthur’s 2-minute commentary on “Does Church Membership Matter?“.

Please see the Why Church Membership section of the 9 Marks web site.

We suggest reading the longer article “Why Join a Church?“, from the web site of a sister FIRE church.

The New Testament does not give specific details of how membership is to be handled, which often confuses well-meaning folks into thinking that there is no membership at all.  But even though specifics are not given, we find principles about church membership.  The membership process at GBC works like this:

    • After attending for at least one month, interested individuals may express their desire for membership.  A brief form will be provided, providing the elders with some basic information.
    • The person should attend the membership class, either in person, or via recording (CD or audio download), which will explain teaching at GBC, how things work, why we do or don’t do certain things, which should help answer some of your questions.
    • After the membership class is completed, one or more elders will spend some time with you to talk.  The conversation will cover these topics:
      • To hear your personal testimony – to make sure you understand the gospel, and to hear a credible profession of faith
      • To ask you about baptism – to ensure you’ve been baptized as a believer in Christ
      • To answer any questions you might have about the church or about any of the leaders in the church
      • To address any comments or concerns you might have
      • To ask you to write out a short version of your testimony to be shared with the church body
      • To ask you to sign the GBC Church Covenant (membership agreement)
      • To pray with you and encourage you in your Christian walk.

    Then we’ll present you before the church on a Sunday right after the service, where all present will be blessed to hear your testimony (given by you, or if you wish, read by one of the elders), where you commit yourself to the GBC body, and where the existing GBC members commit themselves to you.  You’ll then be added to the church roll.