Abortion is a terrible and destructive thing:  first, to the innocent and helpless baby, and second, to those who choose the evil of abortion.

We are pro-life, because the baby is a person, created in the image of God.  We offer information and referrals to help women in crisis or unwanted pregnancies.  Adoption is a beautiful option.  But no matter what the issues are, murdering the baby is never the right answer.

We offer free biblical counseling on these issues (see our counseling page).  We also recommend Hope Resource Center (in McKinney) as a place to go for women in need.

Please see these links for information on this critical subject:

  • 180movie – an interesting and provocative 33-minute documentary
  • Babies Are Murdered Here – as of March 2013, there are several trailers available, and the full-length version should be available later in the year

We sometimes stand outside of a clinic to speak for the little ones that cannot speak, to educate the public on what abortion really is, and of course to communicate the glorious gospel message of Christ.

A few pictures:

in McKinney, TXbaby5 - Deut 27.25baby9 - Deut 27.25