Bible reading plans

Do you have a dusty Bible?  One that sits on the shelf, collecting cobwebs, lonely, and unread?  If so, that should be rectified!

Listed below are some Bible-reading plans.  Or you can make your own.  There are only 260 chapters in the New Testament, and you can certainly do that in a year!  Or choose one of the more challenging options.  You can read the whole Bible in a year by reading only 3.3 chapters per day.

So pick a plan, or make a plan, and ask the Lord to help you be diligent, and to bless your time in His Word.

Click below to see some options for you to consider.  (They are in .pdf format, and will open in a new window.)

There are many other plans available.  Ligonier has a list of some here.  The Gospel Coalition has more listed here.  Find more good resources at Open Up the Bible.  And give the 2-minute video below a view!

More (similar) videos here.