Super Bowl Outreach

Super Bowl Outreach 2013, a ministry of Sports Fans Outreach International, was held in New Orleans, LA, February 1-3.  115 men and women from around the country came together to proclaim the glorious gospel of Christ.  Even though we were from a number of different denomination backgrounds and traditions, we held in common a great love for the biblical understanding of sin and salvation, of Law and Gospel.  Dr. John MacArthur put it this way:

Listen to the typical gospel presentation nowadays. You will hear sinners entreated with words like, ‘accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior’; ‘ask Jesus into your heart’; ‘invite Christ into your life’; or ‘make a decision for Christ.’ You may be so accustomed to hearing those phrases that it will surprise you to learn that none of them is based on Biblical terminology. They are the products of a diluted gospel.

Shown below are a few pictures (shown first), and then a few videos from the event:

here is the entire group:

group picture


our team:

our team


on the street:

on the street


on the street

on the street


Dave Dunbar preaching:

Dunbar preaching


************************* VIDEOS: *************************

neat 3-minute recap of SBO2013:

Scott Smith’s excellent message (2 min.):

We had quite a few hecklers during the 3 days (which is good, because it can draw a crowd) — this guy was especially loud and persistent:

At the end of our prayer meeting on the last day, we finished off by singing/praying this grand old hymn of the faith:


Brian’s SBO report (in 3 parts, 15 min. each):